The majority of the larger charities have a ‘telemarketing’ aspect to their fundraising strategy.  There are multiple benefits to having a telemarketing strategy:

  1.  Raise funds
  2.  Remind people of the work that is accomplished by your charity
  3.  Raise the profile of your organisation – short term and long term

Forward thinking charities utilise charities and tend to grow their donor base over time.  Most of these charities know the big SECRET about telemarketing.

Over 90% of people do not like to be telemarketed.  No, that’s NOT the big secret.   The big secret is that over 70% of people have donated to charities over the last 18 months through telemarketing campaigns.

Talk to us today about what we can do for your charity.  We have ideas that may assist you in achieving your fundraising strategies.  We have more than 20 years experience in telemarketing for charities and there isn’t a campaign type that we haven’t been involved with in some capacity.

OUTBOUND Campaigns (to name a few)

     Requesting donations
     Subscription renewals
     Street appeal organisation
     Door to door appeal personnel acquisition
     Sale of product – full or partial service
     Regular giving programmes
     Data cleansing

INBOUND campaigns (to name a few)

     Emergency relief donation lines
     0800 pledge lines
     Normal 0800 enquiry lines
     0900 calls
     High call volume overflow, afterhours, weekends – never miss a call

Our outbound team is specialized to call a very high volume of calls per week.  Call us today and ask for a quote. 0800 TELELINK (835-356)