Telelink acts as the Australasian office for EIMS which services all the Asian counties as well as Australia and New Zealand.  The purpose in life, for EIMS, is to help technology companies to sell better, faster and more effectively than they would do without them.

EIMS do this by delivering world-class lead generation, marketing, sales and channel solutions better than anyone else and EIMS do it on a global basis.

For nearly 20 years EIMS has had just one goal, to be the best at what they do.

EISM are dedicated to high quality language coverage and local market knowledge means they can implement powerful, globalised go-to-market strategies with a strong local feel, and their mature tried and tested processes makes working with them simple, scalable and cost-effective.

What Makes EIMS Different?

Results - Clients know they can trust EIMS to deliver results on deadline and on budget. The hallmarks of EIMS culture are integrity, value, quality and commitment. EIMS offer an end-to-end ‘cradle-to-grave’ service that allows their clients to start small, and scale up.

Specialist - EIMS only support technology vendors and they specialise in delivering sales and marketing solutions. This focus gives them the edge in crafting and delivering every campaign and program for their clients based on tried and tested experience.

Global Coverage - Clients need only brief one team to get consistent results across all the territories covered by their campaign. EIMS offer ‘all the languages, all the time’. Crucially, EIMS speak languages at native level, and they understand and adopt the business etiquette of each country, opening more doors for their clients, in a more natural and credible way.

Quality & Integrity - A personal pledge to their clients: EIMS keep each office on a human scale, so that their culture remains personal, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial. However, their systems tie all the branches together into one seamless network that gives their clients a simple-to-use, consistent level of service that scales to meet needs. This approach makes EIMS big enough to cope - yet small enough to care.

Competitive Edge - A combination of the above culminate in their ability to provide world-class, innovative services, tools and processes that give their clients a competitive advantage that they can’t get elsewhere.