Lani Lopez and Pez Rez

Products on sale from Lani Lopez at include Dynamised Pez-Rez Resveratrol and OLE-Up – an Olive leaf extract that promotes health and the immune system.  These products can be purchased online at  or by phone at 0800 114 115.  The calls are answered by Telelink by our specially trained operators.  The operators can assist with some basic questions about ordering and the product.

Once an inbound call is received by a Telelink operator the call is answered as if this was Lani’s personal call centre where products in the Lani Lopez range can be purchased.  The inbound calls can originate from a radio advertisement – which usually results in peak volumes of calls – or through any channel of advertising being utilised by Lani.  At the end of each day a report is sent to Lani with all the information required in the exact format which best suits her needs.  All reports are custom designed to suit a client’s particular set of needs.  When there are specials being advertised, Lani makes a quick call to the call centre management team and the changes to the script are made immediately.  Telelink also takes the sales order and registers the customer onto the database through the website and always leaving the customer with a good feeling about the call.

Telelink receives inbound telephone calls for a number of customers who advertise, take the orders, and register their details for future on-line ordering.  So no matter how you advertise - on television, through print media, the internet, or on the radio we can take your call volumes.  There are distinct benefits to utilising the skills and resources of a bureau call centre:

   Flexibility – just a simple call to Telelink and you can have extra telesales capability to take your calls, any time of the day or night

   Low cost – no overheads of having to employ telesales employees 24 hours a day

   Large numbers – of calls can be answered in a very short space of time

   Telesales professionalism at its best – every call is important and options for methods of handling each call are agreed at the start of the contract – transfers, direct sales through the internet, credit card order taking, processing orders, handling enquiries – just to name a few.

Lani Lopez Pez Rez