Business Services

Database management
Many of our clients consider our database management an added bonus. Every call, text or email we make or receive is logged in a database that we manage on behalf of each client. That means a record of every query is kept and your customers' contact details are always up-to-date. We can send you the updated details as regularly as you like and the database remains your property at all times.

If your customer has placed an order or wants more information, we'll look after the mail-out. We stock some products on our premises. We also package goods and information, complete customs declarations, and arrange for delivery by post or courier. If you want information packs to be tailored to the needs of the individual, we'll do that too!

We also provide personalised letters whether they're thank you letters, reminders, accounts or any other correspondence that will add value to your campaign.

OA further benefit is once we've made the sale or gained a donation, we'll complete the banking for you – you can literally sit back and watch the money come in! We have facilities in place for electronic banking, credit card transactions, and processing payments by cheque.

We also have systems in place for making follow-up calls and sending letters for late payments.